Starter Units 2 What's this in English(辽宁尹老师—市级优课)

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Starter Units 2 What's this in English(辽宁尹老师—市级优课)[X00558]



2 What`s this in En… 初中英语 ? ?人教2011课标版评论(1)1学情分析2教学过程2.1 第一学时评论(3)教学目标
To master the key sentence of “What’s this in English?”, and to know the spelling of some nouns in this lessons.To know how to ask questions of objects in English and how to answer such questions.To help students be interested in asking questions in English.评论(0)学时重点
Words: in English, a/an, pen, map,key,cup,jacket,ruler,orange,quilt
Sentences: What's this in English?/ It’s a pen.评论(0)学时难点
To say the above sentences fluently and put them into daily use.教学活动评论(0)活动1【导入】Step  l  Lead—in
?Review greetings. Review the letters learn in the last unit. 评论(0)活动2【讲授】Step  2  
Show some pictures of the words, then present the new words and the sentences:What’s this in English? It’s…Show the things as quickly as possible评论(0)活动3【活动】Step  3  A Guessing game 
Show the picture of a girl and her room,“What’s this in English?” Get the studentsto answer the questions like this: “It’s A / B.”Then show the whole of the picture to let the students check whether they’re right or wrong. 评论(0)活动4【练习】Step  4  Pair work
Get the Ss to practice the conversation in the picture. Then make their own conversations.评论(0)活动5【练习】Step  5  Group work
Students work in groups, draw a picture of their room and talk about the picture using “What’s this in English? It’s a/an…” Teacher is ready to offer his/her help to those students who are in need of it.?

Ask some demonstration groups to show their pictures before the whole class. They may do like this: This is my room. What’s this in English? It’s a/an… 评论(0)活动6【讲授】Step  6
Teacher shows a letter quickly and asks : “What’s this?” Get the students

365bet提款验证to answer the questions like this: “It’s A / B.”Go through the letters Ii—Rr in2a quickly, pay attention to the intonation. Then do 2b : listen and arrange the letters in the right order and read loudly.Learn how to write these letters in 2c,write the missing big letter or small letter for each pair in 2d. 评论(0)活动7【作业】Step  7:Homework
Read and recite the new words and the conversation in this period.Get the students to finish the pictures of their rooms and write down the English names of the things in their rooms.

2.2 第二学时评论(0)教学目标评论(0)学时重点评论(0)学时难点教学活动 ? ? ? ? ? ?